About Stevia

Why We Wrote two Cookbooks and made this sugar-free website

As Americans, we love our sweets, but we know now that refined sugar can give us more health trouble than it’s worth. We don’t want to give up our treats, but we also want to feel healthy, so what can we do? In late 1988 the answer virtually fell into my lap. I encountered stevia, a plant 15 times sweeter than sugar with no calories.

Then, stevia only came in dried, whole leaf or powdered form and had a limited number of uses. Also, whole-leaf stevia often has a slight licorice flavor – a real turnoff for me. I found the whole leaf forms difficult and inconvenient to use since they did not dissolve in liquid, so I continued consuming foods and beverages full of sugar and (worse) artificial sweeteners.

Almost ten years later, wiser and a bit heavier, I investigated stevia again. This was when I heard about Stevioside, the molecule that makes the stevia leaves sweet. Researchers and developers had found new ways to Use this ‘sweet molecule’ to create a variety of stevia products. For example, standardized stevia extract, powder or liquid, can be up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, and a little goes a very long way.

One of the new forms of stevia I found on the market was called a stevia blend or spoonable stevia. This new form combines stevioside extract with the non-sweet filler, which adds bulk and makes it easier to measure. With this easy to manage form, stevia can now replace sugar in most recipes and beverages. I started substituting stevia products for the sugar in my diet and lost 20 pounds. This success inspired me to create the original ‘Cooking With Stevia’ book. I had no idea it would become a best-selling cookbook, or that it would be temporarily banned by the FDA in 19

You can now enjoy all the best recipes from both Cooking With Stevia cookbooks, free at stevitanaturals.com. Along with kitchen-tested recipes in this, you will find enlightening and helpful information about kicking the sugar habit.